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Transforming Team Performance


The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.

Babe Ruth


Successful teams become stronger when members learn to work together. They have clear, acceptable goals. the members trust and respect one another. They communicate often and openly. Members have talent for creating and implementing ideas. The leader “fits” the needs of the team. And the support and resources from the wider organization and community are provided.


Teams have the potential to be one of the most powerful drivers of success in an organization today. However, highly performing teams simply don’t happen. They take time to evolve and mature. They take proper leadership.


The Krueger Consulting Group LLC offers a wide range of solutions and support to transform your team’s performance. We’ll work with you to create and implement a comprehensive strategy based on the unique and specific needs or your organization to:


  • ♦ Create understanding and clear alignment of purpose, mission, and key team actions.
  • ♦ Creating clarity and understanding of team member roles, responsibilities, and accountability.
  • ♦ Identify and embrace key shared team values
  • ♦ Identify and tap innate strengths of team members
  • ♦ Identify and address significant team weaknesses or blind-spots
  • ♦ Foster open, honest, and direct communications between team members
  • ♦ Identify and effectively use key performance metrics to drive continuous improvement

We also offer independent reviews and feedback on existing improvement strategies and their results to date.


We are well experienced in the Nuclear industry and are intimately familiar with the nuclear processes and programs as well as the unique environment and challenges facing nuclear leadership teams. We have created and implemented strategies at nuclear facilities which have led to transformations in Refueling Outage performance, Operational performance, Human Error Reduction, Work Management, Equipment Reliability, and Station Radiological performance.


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